Gartner Digital Markets isn't just a business unit within Gartner, Inc. – it's a passionate team on a mission. Our goal was to personally empower organizations to supercharge growth by guiding them toward the perfect technology and services. Think of the brands as more than just a marketplace; Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice are your dedicated partners, forming an intimate network that's your go-to global source for discovering and evaluating software and services.

When I joined the team,
Capterra stood out as the flagship among the three buyer brands. Armed with an established logo and thorough market research, I dove into creating a unified visual identity, rooted in simplicity, consistency and an aspiration to be ridiculously helpful to our users. It wasn't just about building a brand; it was about weaving a story that resonated with our audience that needed help finding the right software.
Like with the other buyer brands, I worked closely with my Creative Director Ladon Roeder and established a visual vocabulary built from the elements of the brand that were unchangeable: particularly, the distinct and colorful Capterra logo. Continuing to expand from the data we codified in our audience profile which helped guide us on what direction we should lean into, I worked with Gustavo Bouyrie to build a typographic profile, a photo treatment that we could apply consistently, a graphic expression that naturally complimented the angles found in the logogram, and a robust illustration system intended to represent content across blogs and infographics.
Illustration Systems
When delving into the world of illustration and graphic systems, I felt a strong conviction that our team needed a style that every designer could effortlessly embrace to ensure that production remained agile against any skill set; yet, it had to be versatile enough to elegantly showcase content spanning over 950 categories. Opting for a flatter design approach became our guiding principle, providing a distinct visual identity set apart from the other two brands. Our creative journey was enriched by the infusion of small but impactful elements like geometric shapes, bold colors, and a vibrant energy, weaving a tapestry that resonates throughout our entire visual identity.
Ad Systems

Video Production/VO: Jared Schaubert; Animation: Gustavo Bouyrie; Art Direction: Garvin G. Grullon

YouTube Ad featuring the illustration and animation style of the brand.
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