Manifest, LLC is a global content marketing agency that specializes in content creation, including digital and print publications, as well as other forms of media. They work with various clients across different industries to develop and execute content marketing strategies that help elevate a brand's reach.

While a significant part of my role at Manifest revolved around supporting the CDW client, I occasionally had opportunities to contribute in various ways to outside projects and pitches for new business. This included developing ideas around RFPs, participating in brainstorming sessions for content direction, collaborating with other teams around the United States, and creating illustrations for promotional items related to client engagement.
One notable highlight during my tenure at Manifest was being part of a select group of designers from across the US to participate in an illustration exercise. Our task was to create up to three-four distinct postcards each, commemorating various events taking place nationwide that year. These events were preselected - where they would be printed and sent as postcards to prospective clients, serving as a reminder about marketing opportunities around these occasions.
Idea Pitches
Engaging in ideation and brainstorming sessions to generate pitch ideas marked some of my most fun experiences at Manifest. Frequently, prospective clients would present us with specific creative challenges, seeking to understand our approach in solving them. Subsequently, we were granted the latitude to devise and present solutions in a manner that showcased our creativity and problem-solving capabilities.

In this specific scenario, Facebook sought to develop a website centered around movies and fandom. My proposal involved strategically utilizing illustration and data to narrate an immersive story about where the fascination begins.
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