The Youreka platform simplifies the creation and implementation of intelligent mobile service applications, providing guidance to field workers navigating intricate and dynamic procedures. Leveraging the Salesforce infrastructure, Youreka apps exhibit versatility, scalability for enterprise use, and seamless integration for organizations already utilizing the Salesforce platform.
When my old friend Dylan Echter approached me for assistance in rebranding the company he was associated with, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to help craft a new brand narrative. Throughout this rebranding process, we preserved key elements from their existing brand, including the wordmark and the incorporation of purple as their primary color.
Graphic Expression

Minimal icon system to keep expression modern, grounded in the visual expression and simple to use.

Forms & Templates
Provided instructions on using stock photography and the type of images we should be pursuing for a more genuine and trustworthy approach to engaging our audience.
Proposed visual on how all of the elements would come together on
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